reality bites

i first saw this film when i was 12 years old and it instantly had a huge impact on me. not only was it my first introduction to the gorgeous ethan hawke (hey, it was the 90s!), it was one of the first films that defined this generation. and who didn’t automatically fall in love with vickie miner’s awesome clothes?

to be honest, i don’t think the trailer does the film justice. it makes it come across as a little gimmicky but the actually film is not like that at all. one of the best things about the film is the soundtrack – the gas station ‘my sharona’ scene has gone down in cinematic history – but my favourite song was always the lisa loeb number, ‘stay’. almost 20 years on, i still know all the words! i watched the film again today and it is still gold and still my favourite.


that song that is stuck in my head…

you know when you hear a song and you instantly love it so you play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over. and over.

well that is happening to me this weekend. i am trying to shake it up a bit by finding different versions – acoustics, live, festival plays, etc. but it’s the same song and it’s so so so good.

so here it is and i hope it gets stuck in your head too. to help, i have chosen an acoustic version. you can thank me later.

happy father’s day, dad!

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down with the flu

i have been sick with the flu for almost a full week now and am still not feeling 100%. i did make the silly mistake of trying to go back to work on thursday however, after the four hour management meeting and a couple of hours of catching up on work, i felt like death was looming over me so i went home again. i had been smugly telling everyone that it has been about three years since i was last sick – i should have touched wood!

so, spending the last seven days mostly locked up in my unit has made me discover a few things.

1. i do really love my unit. i haven’t really had the time since i moved in a couple of months ago to sit and relax in it. when i came home from work on thursday, pale faced and barely able to stand, i lay on my bed and looked out to the river at this:

and it made the situation mildly better.

2. the undateables. abc2 have been showing this fantastic television series called ‘the undateables’ (you can catch up on iview if you haven’t been watching!). it made me realise just how tough some people have it and how i should stop moaning about having the flu (i didn’t stop moaning but i felt a little guiltier). luke was one of my favourite people on the show as his humour shone through the disability – i am hoping they do a wrap-up in the final episode as i am hoping he found his love!

3. i very much value going to work. being at home everyday has almost sent me insane. thank god for the internet! i was able to stay on top of work emails and semi-connected to my work but i definitely need that day-to-day contact with people and to use my brain.

4. the almost perfect iced coffee recipe. i have been looking at recipes all over the internet in preparation for summer. there was this one from ‘a beautiful mess’ but i think i overdid it on the nutmeg and cinnamon. however, when i removed it and just used the plain coffee – yum!

5. stasiland. anna funder has been all over the media lately after winning the miles franklin with ‘all that i am’ but a friend at work has been raving about her books for ages so i thought i would check out her first, ‘stasiland’. it was fantastic. i didn’t know much about the stasi in east germany beforehand so it was a real eye-opener. funder’s writing style is really honest and open and, despite being non-fic, she follows a strong storyline throughout the book. so worth reading!

whilst reading, it made me want to re-watch one of my all-time favourite films, ‘goodbye lenin’. it made so much more sense having read ‘stasiland’.

hoping to feel better this week!

moonrise kingdom

everything wes anderson touches turns to gold – therefore, i cannot wait to see his new film, moonrise kingdom. it’s going to be gorgeous!

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some nighttime inspiration

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images from we heart it

a day at the beach

ooohhhh, it’s been an age since i have blogged but i am still getting the internet hooked up at my new place. hopefully next week! for now, here are some pictures i took at the beach today. i drove up to marcoola to get some ‘out-of-brisbane’ time and start one of my favourite authors new book. it was lovely soaking up the rays in the fresh air and i don’t think i have seen the water ever looking so blue. i should get up there more often!

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prep for the new pad

i haven’t been doing much crafting lately as all my energies have been going into planning for my new little apartment. it’s very exciting! it settles on the 21st of may so i will have some photos after that however i have been madly buying furniture to suit the new pad. i have been trawling through ebay as i am sticking to a vintagey theme (of course) and it feels good to be contributing to sustainability by buying second hand. so when i am not at work and not buying furniture on ebay, i am flicking through pinterest for inspiration. here are just a few of the things that have caught my eye!

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the finished cushions!

finally got around to finishing my set of cushions!

cushion covers

i went to a lovely a-line skirt class with my favourite sewing teachers, amy and deb from oh sew rosy yesterday and as i completed my “sewing homework” today, i thought i would whip up a quick cushion cover. i had bought some vintage fabric a while ago which turned out to be enough for three covers! alas, i only had one zip so it will be a trip to the craft store tomorrow.

after making up the cushion, i remember an iron-on transfer book called “hot type” that i bought a few months ago. i absolutely love the results and can’t wait to make up the other two cushions for my set of three!

my second class for the a-line skirt is on the 15th april so i will post the results after that!